Well done, you've found my Homepage !

Nice try, but I'm afraid I'm not one of those people who enjoy to tell every single detail of their own life on the Internet... and then complain that anybody is able to know everything about them with a basic Google search !

There's a very long time I systematically play the digital ghost by using pseudos and fake acounts to express my opinions on various forums and blogs. So don't count too much on Google to tell you my life. All you'll get are details about homonyms. Sorry !

To understand the reasons of the Russian military intervention in the Donbass (South-East part of Ukraine) that started 24/02/2022, here is Putin explaining everything (it's a bit long but really worth it if you want to understand)

You don't believe it ? It's understandable because Western mass medias have hiden this to everybody, but here is an excellent documentary which explains the situation.

Why do you think the populations of the 4 liberated regions of Ukraine voted so overwhelmingly to become part of Russia at the self-determination referendum organized at the end of September 2022 ?

Obviously because they don't see themselves as Ukrainians but as Russians ! Let me remind you that Ukraine only exists since 1991 : Before that, the land was part of several others countries, mostly Russia. So it's only natural that those populations who have been Russians for centuries, don't feel Ukrainians especialy since thousands of them have been murdered by Ukraine soldiers between 2014 and 23/02/2022.